An innovative software for rock physics driven quantitative seismic interpretation

Developed and provided by Rock Physics Technology AS

– An innovative software for quantitative interpretation, driven by rock physics


  • Identify potential targets
  • Validate reservoir quality beyond AVO classes


  • Map extent of targets
  • Sensitivity to fluid and lithology properties
  • Quantify target properties


  • Identify additional targets
  • Validate expected fluid and lithology properties
  • Quantify reservoir properties


  • Identify additional targets
  • Validate expected fluid and pressure changes
  • Quantify production response

– Who are Rock Physics Technology AS and What Do We Do?

Rock Physics Technology AS is a geoscience software company based in Bergen, Norway.

We research, develop and provide cutting edge software for the quantitative interpretation of seismic data, integrating industry recognised workflows and innovative rock physics driven QI into our flagship software – ENTERTM .

ENTERTM is available on commercial license but we also provide in-house rock physics expertise for outsourcing quantitative interpretation workflows on your seismic data.

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ENTER™ is an innovative software for quantitative interpretation driven by rock physics. With ENTER™ the whole G&G-team can perform reservoir characterization, interpret the results and explore the subsurface properties.

Rock Physics Technology delivers services related to reservoir geophysics, quantitative interpretation (QI) and rock physics modelling to help E&P companies create and get more value out of their data.

ENTERdb is a unique searchable database for models and workflows used in modelling, QC or analysis on well log data. ENTERdb is also available for customers through third-party integration on demand.

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