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ENTER™ runs on Windows 64-bit operating system. It uses Java Runtime Engine, MATLAB Runtime Engine and Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. See installation information provided together with the installation files for details about which versions are used, and links and/or files to these free-of-charge 3rd party softwares will also be made available.

Some of the functionality in ENTER™, like the 3D plotter, requires a graphic card with OpenGL v3.2 or higher. NVIDIA graphic card is recommended. Only recent Intel graphic cards are supported. Make sure to have an updated graphic driver. Searching on Google for your graphic card opengl v3.2 will often reveal if your card supports this version.

This link lists NVIDIA cards supporting the latest OpenGL version:

A minimum of 4GB of memory is needed and sufficiently large hard disk to work with the dataset you will be working on. (Note that inversion on seismic data, will be stored as SEGY files, and one inversion produces typically several SEGY files of equal size as the input SEGY file).

ENTER™ uses Flex license manager, where the default setup is a standalone license specific to an individual PC.