ENTERdb is a database for models and workflows, which can be used for rock physics modelling, QC or analysis on well log data.

Various search and category functionalities can help select relevant model candidates for your project.

The library is based on the innovative concept of rock.xml – providing a framwork for storing specification of any kind of model, in a format that can be interpreted by the computer to do the modeling.

In addition to the model recipe, it also contains geological descriptions of the model. Both can be edited and stored by the user to match the data in each project.

Use ENTER to unleash the power of ENTERdb

  • Link model parameters to well log data, change parameter values, turn them into distributions to be used in Monte Carlo simulations and have them point to other parameters or even another model
  • Plot well log data together with modelled data or model trends
  • Reveal relations and dependencies in your data set by customizing your own rock physics model templates
  • You can easily get started by using the default values and templates provided to you