Exploration & production

  • Validate and/or predict geophysical well logs
  • Establish geology-consistent rock physics models
  • Analyse and quantify reservoir properties from seismic inversion and/or AVO data
  • Identify potential targets of favourable reservoir properties from seismic AVO data
  • Quantify changes due to production using seismic inversion and/or AVO data

Special studies

  • IRPM on elastic and EM data
  • Use thin-section images to constrain RPM
  • Use burial curves to constrain RPM
  • Adapt RPM type to complex lithologies

    • Go beyond simple calibration

  • CO2 mapping and monitoring using seismic data

R&D topics

  • RPM describing both anisotropy and dispersion
  • AVO influence from anisotropy
  • AVO influence from dispersion
  • Influence of fractures between log and seismic scales
  • EM RPM development

Reference customer projects: