– A new, innovative tool for quantitative seismic interpretation


  • Identify potential targets
  • Validate reservoir quality beyond AVO classes


  • Map extent of targets
  • Sensitivity to fluid and lithology properties
  • Quantify target properties


  • Identify additional targets
  • Validate expected fluid and lithology properties
  • Quantify reservoir properties


  • Identify additional targets
  • Validate expected fluid and pressure changes
  • Quantify production response

Our software


  • The ENTER™ workflow is simple: Using input from the whole geo-team, an experienced rock physicist calibrate rock physics models in the forward modelling workflows. The models are immediately available for the rest of the team.
  • The team can then select the data and models of interest, run the inversion and ENTER™ the reservoir.


  • ENTER™ is an innovative quantitative interpretation software, made by Rock Physics Technology.
  • With ENTER™, the whole geo-team can perform reservoir characterization, interpret the results and explore the subsurface properties using dedicated rock physics driven workflows.

Why rock physics:

  • Rock physics allows the whole geo-team to collaborate in incorporating concepts from sedimentology, mineralogy, petrophysics and burial history into the quantitative workflow.
  • The rock physics models are then used to predict physically consistent reservoir properties using the acclaimed Inverse Rock Physics Modelling method.

For whom:

  • The Reservoir module is for all members in the geo-team working with seismic, data, e.g. seismic interpretation.
  • The Model module is for team members that want to do forward modelling or analyse well log data. Some of the choices require insight in rock physics.

Model module



Calibrate model

Using well log data and other knowledge about the target, the user calibrates a suitable rock physics model. An auto calibration feature helps the user identify suitable model paramter values.



Add to model library

ENTER has a library of rock physics models available through ENTERdb which can be used in the modelling. The user can also customize these models, e.g. calibrate them to fit a target of interest, and add them to the project model library.



Generate IRPM model

The model library only contains the recipe for the rock physics model. To use it in an inversion an IRPM model needs to be created, where one specifies which parameters to invert for. Once this is done, the IRPM model can be reused in multiple inversions.

Reservoir module



Select data

Seismic interpretation is done in the reservoir module. It follows the simple workflow of selecting your data and rock physics models, then run the inversion to ENTER the reservoir.



Select model

Select one of the premade IRPM-models from ENTERdb to use in the analysis. The model provides the relation between the input data and the properties targeted in the reservoir characterization.



ENTER your reservoir

The user perform quantiative seismic interpretation inspecting the data and predictions in various ways. ENTER provides a range of outputs and geostatistical metrics to support the interpreter.

Why use ENTER?

Allows easy and powerful QI in a rock physics powered framework

A transparent workflow that gives you the control of the assumptions

Less time preparing data and models means more time interpreting

Inversion made simple:
Select data – Select model – ENTER