ENTER™ v2.6.0 Release Notes

Summary of notable items in this update:

  • New module: RISC (Real-time Interactive Subsurface Characterization)
    • FIRM (Fast Inverse Rock Modelling) on seismic inversion data, intercept and gradient or angle stack data
    • Can be applied on time slices, inline and cross line, as well as horizons
    • Inversion done on the fly, allowing real-time interpretation of seismic data
  • Added  P10, 50 and 90 in IRPM
  • Added templates for plotting wells and horizons on seismic
  • Added more default well log plotting profiles
  • Added more colormaps
  • Improvements to AVO RPT, including functionality to specify volume fraction of shale in shale trends and near/far angle analysis
  • Improved user experience acting with workflows; extracting them from the Model library, and placing them on the ENTER menu
  • Improved import functionality for ENTER Markers
  • Improvements to handling of parallelization, including functionality for user to specify timeout in ENTER settings
  • Fixed some bugs


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ENTER is the innovative software for rock physics driven quantitative seismic interpretation.