C ENTER™ v1.0.0 Release

C ENTER v1.0.0 has now been released. Using FIRM (Fast Inverse Rock Modelling) built on the patented Inverse Rock Physics Modelling (IRPM) technology, and acting as a plugin to Petrel, it gives seismic interpreters access to rock physics driven inversion – predicting reservoir properties from seismic data.

With the RISC (Real-time Interactive Subsurface Characterization) module, we give the interpreter the possibility to transform seismic amplitudes to reservoir properties and display predictions on cross-sections with calculations done on the fly. Data is seamlessly sent back and forth between C ENTER and Petrel without any need for export and import.

C ENTER comes with several default rock models ranging from unconsolidated to consolidated rocks, and even rocks having undergone uplifts. These default models can be easily accessed from a library of models for quick, qualitative interpretations.

With the Calibrate module, we give the user the option to calibrate a rock physics model (RPM) to their target formation. This will give more accurate and quatitiative results compared to using one of the default rock models coming with C ENTER. The calibrated model can be added to the library of rock models for easy access in the future.

Rock models can also be exchange with those created and used in our ENTER software.

With the IRPM (Inverse Rock Physics Model) module, we give the user the power to do quality control of a rock model on well log data. This will reveal expected performance of that model for a target formation and can also be used as part of feasability studies to for example evaluate fluid sensitivity.

With the AVO (Amplitude-versus-Offset) RPT (Rock Physics template) module, we give the user the possibility to calibrate seismic data from relative to abosulte amplitudes. Absolute amplitudes are need when using the RISC module on AVO data. But the RISC module can also be used on already seismic inverted data like p-impedance, Vp/Vs-ratios and densities.

Contact us to learn more about C ENTER™ or how you and your team can get access to it. Check out videos on our YouTube channel demonstrating C ENTER™.

C ENTER is the innovative software for rock physics driven quantitative seismic interpretation for the whole geoteam.