C ENTER – Rock physics driven inversion in Petrel

Interpretation is the key to mapping the underground. Good interpretation is the key to good business decisions. Experience, technology, data and advanced software tools are critical factors to do good interpretation. Often, advanced software comes at a high price – both in money and complexity.

The inverse rock physics modelling (IRPM) in ENTER® provides an opportunity to make the inversion more accessible to the interpreter; choose your data, choose the rock physics model and enter the reservoir.

With C ENTER we are closing the gap even further. Using the GeoDataSync Framework by ARK CLS, we bring you IRPM to your interpretation platform. First out is Petrel, and we expect more to come in the future.

In C ENTER we use the latest innovative implementation of the IRPM engine, which makes it possible to run inversion on sections and surfaces on the fly. With this technology, we present you the RISC module – Real-time Interactive Subsurface Characterization.

First commercial version of C ENTER is scheduled to be released Summer 2021. But as you can see in our latest video, we are already well on our way!

Join our early access program today, and start using the development version of C ENTER.